Webinar on Role of Faculty Members in Effective StudentEngagement

Webinar on Role of Faculty Members in Effective StudentEngagement

A Webinar on Role of Faculty Members in Effective StudentEngagement was held on June 20, 2021, organized by the Faculty of Business, Northern University Bangladesh. All the faculty members of Northern University Bangladesh attended this webinar.

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah, Honorable Chairman, Northern University Bangladesh Trust was the Chief Guest and the inaugural session of the event was chaired by Prof. Dr. Anwar Hossain, honorable Vice Chancellor of Northern University Bangladesh.

Prof.Dr. Nazrul Islam,Pro-ViceChancellor, NUBandDean, FacultyofBusinesspresentedin the webinar as the Chair of TechnicalSession.The program was divided into two parts: Inaugural session and Technical session. At the very beginning of the webinar, Dr. Md. Masukujjaman, Head of Department of Business Administration, Northern University Bangladesh, welcomed all.

Dr.Serajul I. Bhuiyan, Professor and Former Chair, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia, USAand President, Business and Applied Science Academy of North America (BAASANA) was the keynote speaker of the technical session.He started with clear definition of student’s engagement, active learning and main role of faculty members. The speaker then focused on best practices of teachers for the purpose, principles of engaged learning, critical motivational factors here and elements of Cognitive domain under Bloom’s Taxonomy. Respected chief guest and keynote speaker both raised the issue that engagement of such new generation students are really more critical and difficult problem in this pandemic situation through the online system.

To make the faculties recognize about effective student’s engagement in the learning process for ensuring true outcome based teaching-learning activities, NUB Business School took this productive initiative under the dedicated supports and guidance of Pro-VC, NUB and Dean, FoB to arrange such a wonderful webinar with the E-certificate. In the coordination team there were Dr. Md. Masukujjaman, Head, DBA and Dr. Faria Rabbi, Senior Lecturer, DBA.The other team members of this webinar wereMiss Farzan Chowdhury, Senior Lecturer, DBA, NUB who moderated the inaugural session of the program and Abdullah Mohammad Ibrahim, Associate Professor was the program host.