Rumana returns to big screen after long time

News Desk : After getting married Bangladeshi actress Rumana Khan is now staying in USA. She became mother of a daughter on October 22 in 2019. Overall, she is a full-fledged housewife now. There is no scope to return to acting. Rumana last acted in FI Manik directed and Dipjol produced patriotic story based movie
E Desh Tomar Aamar 10 years ago. That movie is going to release on November 5. According to Dipjol’s production house, this movie is expected to release in maximum number of cinema halls on November 5. While talking about releasing her acted movie Rumana said from USA over mobile phone, “I can’t remember the specific time when I took part in shooting of this film. I think it would be more than 10 years ago. During that time I was seriously busy with acting simultaneously in television dramas and movies. In fact, I cannot remember it when I completed my dubbing part in that movie. As it was FI Manik Bhai’s movie, so he surely finished my dubbing of the film. Three actors of that movie are not alive now. They are: respected Mizu Ahmed, Diti Apa and Oli. I can still remember memories of acting with them in that film. I feel really bad to recall their memories. In the meantime, we lost many others of the cultural arena. Our cultural field has become without guardians now. I request the viewers to go to cinema halls to watch the movie, which story inspires the patriotism.” Rumana got the National Film Award for acting in Jakir Hossain Razu’s Bhalobashlei Ghor Bandha Jaina. Under Tuhin’s direction, she last acted in a drama opposite Apurba for last time.