Moushumi to return shooting before election

News Desk : Popular film actress Moushumi is now passing busy times with the activities of her self-titled foundation and upcoming elections of Film Actors’ Association, which is scheduled to be held on January 28. On the behalf of her foundation, Moushumi on Thursday distributed blankets among the destitute people in different locations in the capital. Moushumi last took part in the shooting of Mirza Sakhawat Hossain’s movie, Bhangon in October, 2021. Then she was detached from shooting due to went to USA along with
her daughter, Faizah. She returned to Bangladesh at the
end of last year. Then she engaged with her family activities. Moushumi is contesting for the post of EC member under the panel of Misha-Zayed panel in the elections of Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association.
In the beginning of New Year, Moushumi for the first time is going to stand in front of the camera on January 24. She will take part in the shooting of Mirza Sakhawat Hossain’s movie, Bhangon. She is also work in Zahid Hossain’s movie Fu. The actress informed that after taking part in the shooting of this movie at a time for few days, she will again go to USA. While talking in this regard, Moushumi said, “Story of Bhangon is based on the life and activities of some floating people. Viewers will see some common faces in this movie. We sometimes think that there is absence of happy, sorrow and delightful matters in lives of these floating people. But it is absolutely wrong. Though they give hard labours for their survival but at the end of the day, they can share everything with each other. They can exchange their sorrows and happiness. They have dreams and also have politics among them. These things will be presented in movie Bhangon. While working in this movie, I felt I was part of them. I had realised my life in different ways during shooting of this movie.” While talking about contesting in the elections, Moushumi said, “Elections of Film Actors’ Association should be done peacefully. Everybody wants to dream to organise the Association by own way. Every member has own right. Members have rights to cast their votes for their favourable candidates in the elections.”