Mobile internet speed increases only by 15 percent in Bangladesh, one-fourth of global average

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News Desk : In the last one year, global mobile internet speed has increased by 59.5 percent while in Bangladesh it has increased by 15.38 percent only, which is about one-fourth of the global average, revealed a recently published Global Index by Ookla.

According to the data presented in the index, the average download speed of mobile internet in the world in July 2020 was 34.52 megabytes per second (Mbps). In July this year, which increased to 55.07 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the average download speed of mobile internet in Bangladesh in July last year was 10.92 Mbps which has increased slightly to 12.6 Mbps by July, this year.

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However, Bangladesh is ahead in the rate of broadband internet speed is compared to how worse the average is than the global average in the mobile internet index.

Compared to July last year, the speed of broadband connectivity in the world has increased by an average of 31.87 percent in July this year. In Bangladesh alone, the growth rate is 42.59 percent.

Bangladesh’s position in the Ookla Mobile Internet Speed ??Index has always been at the tail-end places. Like in June, Bangladesh was at number 135 in July. However, in the June report, Bangladesh was at 135 out of 137 countries, and in July, it was out of 139 countries.

The Ookla report provides a comparative picture of the average Internet speed in many countries around the world. After analyzing the data for one month, they publish the report in the middle of the next month. According to the latest report published in July, the average speed of mobile internet in Bangladesh was 12.6 Mbps, whereas the global average speed was 55 Mbps.