Making The Best Out Of Quarantine As A Student

Making The Best Out Of Quarantine As A Student


The world has changed its course with the emergence of the novel corona virus. Offices have shut down. So have schools. People are having to resort to their homes and online communication has become the new normal. Perhaps the most affected by this rapid change in lifestyle are the younger generations. They are at a time in their life where it is crucial to continue the learning cycle and equip themselves to be skilled individuals in the future. However, contrary to that, students are spending their days quite unproductively during this quarantine.


Students are facing difficulties adapting to the quarantine lifestyle. Besides attending online classes they are not being able to engage in much of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. They are unable to meet their friends whom they used to meet on a daily basis or go out and play in the fields. Most students are wasting valuable time chatting with friends on social media, watching series or playing video games. All of these are having negative impacts on the life of students.


The effects of this change in daily life on students is alarming. Most students have become indolent as their cycle of busy schedule has broken. Moreover, as they cannot meet their peers and go out to play they are slowly becoming introverts. This is driving students to develop mal practices such as developing addiction to video games, or constantly browsing on social media. Moreover, the concern for the uncertain future and fear of losing their loved ones is leading to mental health degradation.

The negative influences of quarantine in students can be eradicated through spending their time taking care of themselves and developing their skills. Such as:



It is essential to stay fit during this quarantine. This can be done through maintaining a balanced diet and exercising to rejuvenate body cells. A proper diet can increase the balance of nutrients in the body which in turn will result into a stronger immune system which is the key to battling away viruses. Students can engage in preparing meals for themselves with their family, which can be fun and interactive. Furthermore, exercises and routine workouts can help burn unwanted fats, give a feeling of content and build a robust figure.


Mental Health Care:

Looking after mental health is essential during this pandemic situation. Students can opt for doing yoga in the morning, including detox drinks in their diet, listening to soulful music or reading a good book.


Skill Development:

Skill development is a very productive way to wash away quarantine boredom of students. There are many online courses that students can enroll in through many learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Academic Earth etc. There is wide category of courses to choose from that students can access at any time of the day. Taking these courses can make them into skilled individuals and boost their confidence.


The sudden struck of the Corona Virus has left us all, especially students in a state of topsy-turvy and misery. They are facing difficulty adapting themselves to the new way of life which is having negative impacts on them. However, they must strive to stay positive and concentrate on self-development. There is always light at the end of every tunnel.

Nazifa Malik

Department: Bachelors of Business Administration

University: Bangladesh University Of Professionals



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