Legal proceedings against human rights violators: Anisul

DHAKA, Feb 7, 2019 : Law minister Anisul Huq today said that the persons contravening the human rights will be prosecuted as the government has taken stand against human rights violations.

“Our honorable Prime Minister is committed to establishing human rights in Bangladesh….Anyone violating human rights will be enforced under the law,” a press release quoted him saying that while speaking to the journalists after a meeting with a five-member UN delegation at the ministry.

Anisul said that the ministry has expressed the opinions and commitments of the government about human right enforcement in the meeting. He added that the UN organizations are willing to cooperate with Bangladesh in this matter.

While answering the questions of the journalists, he expressed condemnation over the violation of human rights of Anti-Corruption Commission calling the actions taken against Jahalam ‘unfortunate’.

Senior Human Rights advisers of the UN, Heike Alefsen and Shoko Ishikawa were present at the meeting, among others.