TV series Cheating Master crosses 500th episode tonight

News Desk : Sanjit Sarkar is such a director who himself writes story of his directed serial. His directed serial Cheating Master is being aired on RTV everyday at 9:20pm.
Tonight 500th episode of the serial will be aired. Director Sanjit is very much excited in this regard but he also feels bad. Actors of the serial are also feel bad because the serial will end on 512nd episode. So, before Eid-ul-Fitr, Cheating Master will finish
to telecast. While talking about the serial its director Sanjit Sarkar said, “Firstly, I am grateful to the God. Then I am grateful to RTV authority and full unit of the serial Cheating Master. I am also grateful to actors who acted in different episodes of the
serial and also to the viewers. The serial will cross 500th episode with everybody’s co-operation. I will return among the
viewers with a new drama serial soon.”
Popular TV actress Tahmina Sultana Mou attached with the serial at the end. While talking about acting in the serial she said, “It was my first work under Sanjit Dada’s direction. He was attached with my father’s theatre group, Nattyachokro. I am playing the role of Nabila in the serial. After attachment with the serial, Cheating Master is going to end soon. For this
reason, I am feeling bad now.”
Actress Sallha Khanom Nadia has been engaged with acting in the serial. She shared her feelings by this way, “For acting in Cheating Master, I got the RTV-Star Awards for two times in category of Best Actress. I have full confidence on the serial. This time the serial is going to finish soon. So, I am really feeling not well now.”
Munira Yusuf Memy, AKhM Hasan, Arfan Ahmed, Saju Khadem, Niloy Alamgir, Moushumi Hamid, Farhana Mili, Ireen Tany, Shamima Tusty, among others, also acted in different times in the serial.

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