The lowlands are flooded due to the effect of the new moon in Jhalakathi

Amir Hossain : The river water of Jhalokati has increased due to the effect of the new moon. The water of Sugandha, Bishkhali and Halta rivers of the district has been flowing over the danger line for 3 days.
.Experts say the river water will return to normal once the new moon is over. But the lowlands have already been submerged, crop lands including seedbeds have been submerged, and thousands of people along the river have been flooded.
.Due to the effect of the new moon, the water pressure is much higher as the tidal water rises and it rains intermittently. The water of 3 main rivers of the district is 4 to 5 feet higher than the normal tide. .Excessive currents in the river are also disrupting passenger ferry crossings across the river.
Shops and even bank-insurance activities in the affected areas are being disrupted as roads are submerged in water. Hundreds of acres of cropland and seedbeds are under water.
.Meanwhile, Jhalokati district and 4 upazila administrations have been searching for people trapped in the low-lying areas. .The district and upazila administrations are also preparing to evacuate the people of the low-lying areas to safer places if the water pressure continues to rise
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