Happy birthday to Bobita Sheikh Arif Bulbon

Online Desk : It is a tradition in media that who works here they come as fresher or newcomer and by their works they become popular to all. Due to age limitations they once detach from media. In case of Bobita, it is exceptional. Still now she has popularity among her fans. She has no tiredness. Still now she is very much eager to work. For this reason, she is Bobita. But recently she becomes silent. According to Bobita, present Coronavirus pandemic and bad situation in film arena makes her detach from the acting. Today is Bobita’s birthday. She will turn 68 today. In 1953, she was born in Bagerhat. Bobita has no special plan to celebrate the day.
While talking in this regard Bobita said, “When my birthday comes I become gloomy. I think a birthday comes I am going to death. I remember my parents. Now I miss my only son Anik. Previous years I celebrated the day with Anik in Canada. But this year I couldn’t go there due to Corona. The overall situation of the world is not favourable now due to pandemic. But I can contact with Anik over Skype. So, I do not feel bad now.”
Bobita played in role of Anogo Bou in noted filmmaker Satyajit Ray directed film Ashani Sanket against Soumitra Chatterjee. For acting in this film, she got popularity in the international film arena. Bobita-starrer this film got Best Film Award in Berlin International Film Festival (1973) and Chicago International Film Festival (1974). She got the National Film Award in 1975 for Narayan Ghosh Mita’s Alor Michhil. Later, she also got this award for Mohsin’s Badi Theke Golam and Amzad Hossain’s Noyon Moni, and then again got for films Pokamakorer Ghor Bosoti, Ramer Sumoti and Madam Fuli. She acted in 290 films till now.

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