Ayman Sadiq receives blatant death threats

The founder and CEO of Robi 10 Minute school, Ayman Sadiq, has received copious death threats from different social media platforms and websites. A video, uploaded from an anonymous page, aimed to drive people against the founder.

After being apprised of the issue, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) members reported that they are probing into the matter at hand.

The Deputy Commissioner of the CTTC unit, Saiful Islam, informed that “Plenty of videos have been uploaded threatening Ayman Sadiq and his 10 Minute School. We immediately contacted Ayman upon watching those videos.”

He also mentioned that they were investigating to unveil the culprit behind these videos.

The investigators told that they suspect the involvement of an insurgent group Ansar al-Islam. The videos have been shared from various channels operated by the group.

Ayman posted a Facebook video yesterday to shed light on the threats he received.

The founder started off saying, “Never had I thought that I would have to prove my religious accountability when Allah should be liable to it. I have been subjected to direct death warnings. What else can be disheartening than seeing my mother showing me how people demanded my death on YouTube? It has created an alarming environment in my house.”

According to Ayman, the threat thread started when a former employee residing in a different country and having different beliefs, posted on Facebook about homosexuality.

He fails to understand the need to give his moral accountability for a Facebook post by a former employee. Ayman expressed his grievances at how thousands of people are sharing posts about his lack of public accountability.

Ayman stated, “10 Minute School is not a religious platform. We have no agenda, no propaganda, and no anti-Muslim activities. It does not have a religion.”

“I am a Muslim. I try my level best to abide by Islamic procedures,” Ayman continued.

Ayman said he could not connect the dots as to how a former employee’s post about pride month called for his murder and boycott of 10 Minute School. He emphasized that 10 Minute School never had the intention to hurt anyone.







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