Tabassum, design travels through the trails

Plenty of good things are associated with travel; to meet new people, see new places, experience different cultures, live life the way life is lived somewhere else. Expressing your knowledge through travel blogs, which you gathered while traveling is such a way to encourage others. Here, going to introduce Tabassum Ahmed, who is a most likely Bangladeshi travel artist rather than a blogger, lives in England.

“When I was a kid, the only place I would go away to was my grandparent’s. Be it for school breaks, summer holidays or even for no reason at all. The train journeys, playing downstairs in my Nanna’s courtyard, collecting leaves and pebbles, picnics on the rooftop are perhaps the best memories I have from my childhood.” Tabassum remembering her old days.

While growing up, she started to vanish her memorable trips and a concrete life was taking more upon her. Being an Architect, it was hard to escape from restlessness life and walk through her passionate track.

“With more time and age permissions, consents, complicated relationships and messed up life decisions situations took away more of my escapades and my freedom.”

But Tabassum kept on trying on every opportunity, wish to see more outside her boundaries, she should go for it. She’s an amazing writer with tons of useful tips, and is an even better photographer. I had no privilege of traveling with Tabassum. But while having a chit-chat with her, there was never a dull moment!

“In my late twenties, I started making it a point that I step up and take my dreams to see the world more seriously. I prioritised it. Today here I am trying to catch up on those incomplete trails. My blog is not that big and is just my open diary for me to write, share and encourage everyone with similar dreams out there to take that step. TabassumTrails is an attempt to document and share experiences of a hopeless dreamer, set out to explore this beautiful world and life as it comes.”

Tabassum Ahmed is an Architect according to her North-South University (Bangladesh) graduation in Architecture. She got a scholarship to study urban design at the University of Huddersfield in England. You must catch her on Facebook, page named “Tabassum Trails”. She’s such a talented individual and has truly proven that hard work pays off. You will find some stunning sketches with historical places. She also has a great eye for photography. Her travel blog reflects the importance of storytelling through visual with clean sketches and massive photos to tickle your wanderlust. Tabassum is a true backpacker and an inspiration!

May be her photography and trail has never been published in National Geographic or Travel Channel, but, someday.

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