Govt. waiting for court verdict to declare Jamaat illegal : PM

SANGSAD BHABAN, Feb 6, 2019 : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said her government cannot proceed with the popular demand of declaring Jamaat-e-Islami illegal as the issue still laying with the decision of the country’s highest court.

The prime minister said this in response to a question from Tarikat
Federation member Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari during Prime Minister’s Question-Answer Session in the parliament today.

Sheikh Hasina said a case for declaring the notorious political party
remained pending in the court. As long as the verdict of the court is not announced, we (probably) cannot take any step in this regard.

“If we get the court verdict soon, then Jamaat, as a political party, will be illegal,” she said.

The prime minister said people of Bangladesh has rejected Jamaat and an strong opinion against the party is now prevailing in the country.

Despite, the party under the shelter of BNP has taken part in the last
general election with the election symbol ‘paddy sheaf’ and accordingly was ejected by the people of Bangladesh, the prime minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said Jamaat didn’t get registration of the Election
Commission as they failed to qualify the requirements of the commission.

War criminals acted as the collaborators of the Pakistan Army and committed heinous crimes like homicide, gutting houses and rape, she said.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman brought the war criminals to the book after independence. But, Ziaur Rahman suspended their trial following Bangabandhu’s brutal killing.

Ziaur Rahman gave them scope to do politics and excel isle their franchise though abolishing the Article 12 of the constitution and partial amendment of the Article 38, she said.

The prime minister said discussion is going on to bring back the fugitive accused of 21 August grenade attack case, 10 truck arms ammunition case and other lawsuits relating to subversive activities.

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