Zahid Hassan adds director to his resume again

Popular actor is all set to grace the director’s chair yet again with an upcoming television serial.

The actor-turned-director has directed serial ‘Raju 420’, where he is the lead actor.

The drama has started airing on ATN Bangla from Monday night.

Scripted by Zakir Hossain Ujjol, the drama features Orsha, Tarek Swapan, Rashed Mamun Opu, Ali Raj, Shabnam Parveen, Lutfor Rahman George, Shameem Hossain and Momeen Babu besides protagonist Zahid Hassan.

Talented media personality Zahid Hassan, who is extremely optimistic with this drama, will portray the character of Raju here.

“Raju is a very simple-minded person who devoted his life to help others in need. There is another tough side of him, he becomes rebellious when he sees anybody doing wrong deeds in society. Raju basically represents a kind of people of our society,” said Zahid, “However, Raju, to some extent, is also a traitor. He has his ways of betraying wrong people.”

‘Raju 420’ airs on ATN Bangla at 10:45 PM on Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays.