World Population Day tomorrow

DHAKA, July 10, 2018 : World Population Day-2018 will be observed tomorrow across the country as elsewhere in the world with a call to develop the nation by family planning and ensuring human right.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of global population issues – challenges, and opportunities available to address the same. The day seeks attention and action of the governments, policy-makers, academics, experts, NGOs and individuals.

The theme of the day –Family Planning is a Human Right– aims at providing safe, voluntary family planning.

President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued separate massages marking the day urging all concerned to make family planning services easily accessible to the people and ensuring human right.

The President said family planning is recognized as a basic right of people in the world. Every couple has the right to take decision on the size of family.

The service of family planning should reach the doorstep of common people which will play an effective role in reducing maternal and child mortality.

Hamid said the government set up around 13,500 community clinics across the country to ensure health and family planning services for all.

“I urged all concerned to ensure quality services by utilizing the service-oriented infrastructures to build a healthy nation,” the President added.

He also urged the non-government organizations, persons and institutions to come forward sincerely in this regard.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon all concerned to ensure the optimum utilization of service infrastructures at the grassroots for reproductive healthcare, family planning, maternal and child healthcare services.

She urged the private organisations, mass media and conscious individuals and institutions to come forward in this regard alongside the government.

She said population and development of a country are interrelated. Planned family is one of the main preconditions of the development of a country, the Prime Minister added.

Sheikh Hasina said there is no alternative to building a planned family considering the country’s area, population, natural resources, environment and socio-economic condition.

She said there is no alternative to family planning for the overall development of Bangladesh.

Family planning plays an important role to ensure sustainable development and progress for a country, she added.

She said the present government has taken an initiative to reach health services to the doorstep of the rural poor through setting up one community clinic for every 6,000 people.

Because of the initiatives, she said, maternal and child mortality rate had reduced and the number of planned families was increasing day by day.

She wished overall success of World Population Day 2018.