Tawsif busy with Valentine’s Day dramas

Popular actor of current times, Tawsif Mahbub, is super occupied filming for a couple of Valentine’s Day dramas.

The actor will be seen opposite Safa Kabir on the upcoming 13th February, a day before Valentine’s Day, on small screen. Scripted and directed by Zakaria Shoukhin, the drama titled ‘Tomake Ashtei Hobe’ will air on RTV where Tawsif and Safa will portray characters of Sabbir and Joanna, respectfully.

The romance story evolves around the couple, where Sabbir falls for Joanna at first sight. Despite Sabbir’s constant wooing, Joanna keeps avoiding him. What’s the reason behind Joanna’s reluctance? Will they come closer by the end of the drama? To find that out, viewers will have to keeo their eyes on RTV screen on 13th February.

Tawsif meanwhile talked about his experience of working in this drama with his friend Safa Kabir.

He said, “I consider safa as a very good friend of mine. Apart from that, I also consider her to be an excellent and incomaparble actress among her contemporaries. I’ve always enjoyed working with her on screen.”

Tawsif also said that the script of ‘Tomake Ashtei Hobe’ is amazing.

“Safa and I, we both worked in this drama with sheer enthusiasm and dedication. Hopefully audience will like the drama and this way our zeal will be paid off,” concluded Tawsif.