Restrictions pinned on Pahela Baishakh celebrations

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has ordered to finish all programmes of the Bengali new year’s celebration within 5pm on Pahela Boishakh.

The minister laid the restrictions on celebrations in the capital Dhaka and other districts as well.

The government has also imposed bars on all sorts of gatherings on the day after 6pm.

On Sunday, the Home Minister told reporters about the government’s decision after a meeting with top law enforcement officials in the secretariat on the matter of ‘smooth celebrations’ of Pahela Baishakh.

“All actions deemed necessary for safe Baishakh celebrations will be taken. Everything needed for safety will be carried on,” the minister said at the press briefing.

Minister Asaduzzaman said that law enforcers will give outright support to the district administrations in order to organize safe celebrations of the Bengali New Year.

Police Inspector General, Director of RAB and other bosses of law enforcement agencies along with representatives from the city corporations were present in the meeting with the Home Minister.