RAB chief urges businessmen to shift chemicals from Old Dhaka

DHAKA, March 23, 2019 : Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Director General Benazir Ahmed today urged the concerned businessmen to shift their chemicals carefully to the proper places from the old part of the city.

“The flammable chemical godowns in the Old Dhaka are as like as time bombs… We will not allow turning Dhaka into time bombs because of the careless of some people,” he said, speaking a views exchange meeting at Jail Convention Hall in the city.

Ahmed said all chemical godowns are being shifted as per the directive of the government after the tragic fire incident in Churihatta. “You will keep the chemicals carefully. And we don’t want to see any more death,” he added.

The RAB chief said the drives against chemical godowns and factories in Old Dhaka will go on but it will be ensured that no businessperson is affected unjustly by the drives. “Our intention is not to put the businesspersons in a difficult situation,” he added.

Ahmed said, “We do not want to see another incident like the ones in Nimtoli and Chawkbazar.”