Prova stars in two drama serials

Model-turned-actress Sadia Jahan Prova is all set to be seen in drama series ‘Cinema-wala’ and ‘Jolrong’.

Directed and scripted by Sumon Anwar, drama serial ‘Cinema-wala’ televises on NTV on Mondays and Tuesdays every week at 9:45 PM.

This drama’s story revolves around Hena, who comes to Dhaka to graduate from a university. Hena, played by Prova, has recently been divorced. She earns her livelihood by tutoring a couple of students in Dhaka, until the day she finds out about a newspaper advertisement about a beauty-pageant. The serial moves forward as Hena wins the beauty contest and gradually becomes a small screen and silver screen actress. Hena changes her name to Hira and becomes a much-talked about cinema actress in a few years.

Besides Prova, this drama features Shyamol Mawla, Azad Abul Kalam, Shahed Sharif Khan, Farhana Mili, Sushoma Sarker, Mousumi Hamid, Tanzika Amin, Shahed Ali, Arfan Ahmed, Punom Hasan Jui, Sonia Hossain, Meem, Sumon Anwar and Amanul Haque Helal among many others.
Prova’s other drama, titled ‘Jolrong’, is directed by Sohail Arman and scripted by Amzad Hossain.

Besides starring Anisur Rahman Milon opposite Prova, this drama serial stars Shotabdi Wadud, Runa Khan, Shoshi, Syamol Mawla, Layla Hasan, Sumaiya Shimu, Safa Kabir, Amzad Hassan among others.