PM praises dutifulness of SSF

DHAKA, July 15, 2018 : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today praised
the dutifulness, sincerity and efficiency of members of the Special Security
Force (SSF), saying that the force would be outfitted with more modern
equipment to overcome the challenges of time.

“SSF is in charge of security of very important person of the state as
well as foreign guests. From very close, I have seen the dutifulness,
sincerity and efficiency of the members of the force,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the 32rd Founding
Anniversary of SSF at her office here today.
She said most of the foreign leaders, who have visited Bangladesh, have
praised the SSF’s sincerity and dutifulness. “I feel proud when foreign
guests come with appreciation of the SSF while they go back to their
countries after a visit to Bangladesh. It’s a great pleasure for me.”

Sheikh Hasina said security of VVIPs is a major concern across the world
because of global terrorism and militancy. It is more challenging for
Bangladesh due to the politics of killing, coups and conspiracy, and
competition for capturing state power side by side activities of the anti-
liberation force, she added.

In addition, she said, new technologies are being used by terrorists and
militants for destruction and that is why giving security is always a
challenging task.

SSF Director General Major General Md Shafiqur Rahman also spoke on the

PM’s advisors, chiefs of three services, PM’s principal secretary and
senior civil and military officials were present.

Sheikh Hasina said since its inception, SSF has been providing security
by overcoming all challenges and difficulties. “Their professionalism and
standard are being improved constantly through trainings.”

“I always think about the safety of the personnel who are deputed for my
security. The government is always careful for acquisition of the modern
equipment to make it more strong and capable,” she said.

The Prime Minister urged the SSF members to remain careful so that party
men and her visitors are not harassed while she is given protection.

“You have to look into their matters on humanitarian ground,” she said,
“People are the source of our strength and we do politics for them.”

“Our political career will be meaningless if we become isolated from the
people,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said her government is striving to build up the country as
a dignified one to reach the benefit of the independence to every house up to
rural level to improve the living standard of the people.

Noting that Bangladesh must go ahead keeping pace with the world in all
fronts, she said as a political party, Awami League is constantly working for
performing its duties.

Thinking the future of the nation, Sheikh Hasina said, she returned home
after Bangabandhu’s brutal killing despite having risk on her life.

Pointing out her government’s constant stride to build Bangladesh as a
prosperous nation, the Prime Minister said her government has made the
country self-sufficient in food and has taken steps to accelerate the growth.

She said her government has resolved many big problems with neighbouring
countries after coming to power in 1996 while Chittagong Hill Tracts has
found peace after signing of the peace treaty.

After coming to power in 2009, the Prime Minister said, the maritime
boundary disputes with India and Myanmar were settled peacefully while the
Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) with India was implemented.