PM expresses desire again to live at village after retirement

SANGSAD BHABAN, Feb 13, 2019 : Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today expressed her desire again to live at her village after the retirement from politics, saying that her mind always remains at the beloved village.

“Whenever I will retire (from politics), I will go to my village and stay there as its green, virid and beautiful environment always calls me,” she said replying to a supplementary from Jatiya Party lawmaker Fakhrul Imam in the House during her question-answer session.

The prime minister said open environment of the village than the stagnant weather and environment of bricks and wood of the town is her desire.

Sheikh Hasina said fresh air and beautiful environment of the village help keep the health and mind of the people better.

Describing the village as the heart, the prime minister said her government has taken a plan to provide civic amenities to the rural people.

“I don’t like moving of the rural people to towns after their condition improves to some extent,” she said.

In this connection, the Leader of the House mentioned that she grew up at the village. “I grew up at the village by mixing mud, climbing trees and playing games … at one stage, moved to the town but the love for village never erased. My mind always stays at my village,” she said.

At a function at Bangladesh Ansar and VDP Academy at Shafipur in Gazipur on Tuesday, Sheikh Hasina said she will live at her village in Tungipara after retiring from politics.