Pakistan’s own Ranveer Singh: Meet online sensation Hammad Shoaib

Ranveer Singh’s latest movie Befikre might have taken a beating at the Indian box office but his fans across the border are going ga-ga on social networks over his lookalike.

Hammad Shoaib, a resident of Faisalabad in Pakistan’s Punjab province, is creating a lot of buzz on the internet for his striking resemblance to the Bollywood actor. Shoaib sports the same hairstyle and beard, and has quite the dance moves.
Almost all major Pakistani newspapers reported about Shoaib after a popular blogger wrote about him and shared his pictures. Soon, hundreds of star-struck users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shared his images, swooning over his piercing eyes and rough and tough look.
“I have been sharing my pictures, dance and acting videos on social networking sites for some time. But after the blog on me went viral, I have been getting several friend requests every day,” Shoaib told Hindustan Times from Pakistan.

Recently, a handsome “chai wala” (tea seller) from Pakistan, Arshad Khan, 18, saw his life change overnight after a picture of him at work swept the internet.
Asked if he was aware of his global fame, Shoaib said: “Yes, my Instagram and Facebook followers are increasing every minute. I’m glad to see the love and response of people around the world.”

Shoaib said on several occasions, he has been approached by Ranveer fans in Pakistan for autographs and selfies. “I get to be the crush of many, many girls. Obviously, I am enjoying the attention,” he said.

The 20-year-old businessman-turned-“celebrity” has also been approached by producers and directors, but his followers may have to wait for some time to see him on the silver screen as he is yet to sign any movies.

“Right now I am working on my acting and dancing skills. I want to be really precise and selective with my work. I think it’s too early for me to think about movies.”

Shoaib made it clear that he did not compare himself to the Indian star. “I don’t imitate Ranveer Singh but I like his personality. I don’t compare myself with him but people do. I still don’t believe that I look like him, but according to other people, the resemblance is a lot…The resemblance is God-gifted,” he said.

This aspiring actor, however, said he would leap at the chance to work with Ranveer in Bollywood.

(Hindustan Times)