HSC exams rescheduled for Roanu

The HSC exam that had been shifted to 27th May due to the Roanu cyclone, has been rescheduled again.

New notice cited that the exam will be held on June 12, Sunday, instead of 27th May, Friday.

The notice was given by the Education Ministry on Tuesday.

“For unavoidable circumstances, the exam HSC examinations of 27th May will be held on June 12,” the press note said.

Officials of the ministry informed that the exams were shifted for the second time as the Election Commission made a request to the ministry to rescheduled the exams.

The request from the EC came in as the 5th Phase of the Union Parishad UP polls have been scheduled to be held in some districts on 28th May.

Previously, the exams were supposed to be held on 22nd May, but they were called of the authorities as many examinees were displaced from their residences to cyclone centers as the Roanu storm passed over many districts of Bangladesh a day before that.

Now, on the morning phase of June 12, Economics and Commercial Geography Part 2, Light Music (Theoretical) Part 2, Drama Studies (theory) Part 2, Economics and Commercial Geography (DIBS) Part 2 examinations will be held.

On the afternoon phase of June 12, Chemistry (Theoretical) Part 2, Islamic History and Culture (Arts section), Islamic History (Subsidiary-1), History 2nd Part, Home Economics and Child Growth and Family Relations (theoretical) exams will be held.