The future of BNP is not good: Qader

“Again BNP is going to protestation” on the basis of the information Awami Legue General Secretary Obaidul Qader said, “The future of BNP is not good. They have been detached from the people for their burn-up method. Again if they want to burn-up as 5th January they will be detached from the people at all level.Now the result is upon them, whatever they want to do. They have to understand the people and come forward to the election.”

He told this to media after a seminar in Narayangonj on Thursday. After that he inaugurated Shamsuzzoha Musapur Bandar (M.B) Union High School at Triboni Minarbari in Narayangonj Bandar and delivered his speech to the assemblage.

Pointing out on BNP Qader said,”Who deeds terrorism, speaks for arms, burn-up good they don’t want people’s development.” Again he said,”BNP speaks for arms, they do terrorism, if they don’t stop these people won’t stay with them.”

Obaidul Qader said,”Now countrymen do not want fire, terrorism, anarchy. People are now believed in development and the present government is development-friendly government.”

After being government general secretary this is the first time Obaidul Qader visited Narayangonj. He attended two different ceremony in two school. On that time local leaders of  A’legue and Japa were present.