Educationists for abolishing SSC MCQ system

Educationists of the country have suggested abolishing the multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in all examinations in the secondary level.

In a view exchange meeting on Thursday, they also suggested preparing a question bank for the public exams.

The meeting was held at CIRDAP conference hall in Dhaka in presence of Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid.

They also urged the government to completely ban the notebooks and guidebooks, and putting more emphasize on how to make the text books more attractive.

Prominent educationist Muhammed Zafar Iqbal said, “MCQ system should be abolished as it is doing no good to the students.”

He also pointed out that the standard of question papers in the public examinations is low quality.

In response, minister Nahid assured them to think over the matters.

He said government is already working on preparing question banks.

While talking about the MCQ system, Nahid said, “Ten marks will be reduced from the MCQ question from next year.”