Each person consumes 62.58gm fish compared 60 gm in policy

SANGSAD BHABAN, June 06, 2018 : Fisheries and Livestock
Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda today said each person of the
country consumes 62.58 grams of fish per day while quantity is
60 gm fixed by food and health ministry’s policy.

“Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in fish production
against the demand of fish per day and person,” he told this,
while replying to a starred question from treasury bench
member M Abdul Latif in the Jatiya Sangsad.

The minister said as per the report of the Department of
Fisheries, 41.34 lakh tonnes of fish was produced in 2016-17,
exceeding the year’s target of 40.50 lakh tonnes.

To meet the demand of protein, the Department of Livestock
Services set a target of meat production at 71.35 lakh tonnes
in 2016-17 fiscal, Narayon said, adding that Bangladesh
achieved self-sufficiency in meat production.

“The present government has undertaken various initiatives to
meet protein and increase export earnings side by side
alleviating poverty in the country,” the minister said.

Besides, activities for patterning cattle are going on
regularly to increase meat production across the country, he
said adding that the government is monitoring the activity at
union level on the basis of list prepared.