Abstention from UZ polls could be suicidal for BNP: Hasan

DHAKA, Jan 23, 2019 : Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today said BNP could invite a political debacle unless it decided to take part in the upcoming upazila elections.

“It (abstention from the polls) will be suicidal for the party,” he said, speaking at a view exchange meeting with the members of Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters’ Forum at the media center of the ministry here.

Hasan said it will be another suicidal decision like the 2014 general polls, if BNP would not take part in the upcoming upazila election. The decision will keep them (BNP) from the common people more, he added.

Hasan, also the publicity and publication secretary of Awami League, said, “I must say that BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is a gentleman, but he knows the art of lying.

Congratulating Mirza Fakhrul to win the last general polls, the minister said he (Fakhrul) has completely failed as secretary general to run his party. Now BNP can observe the December 30 as ‘Debacle Day’, he added.

Hasan said the leaders of BNP are now contemplating that they would not take part in the upazila election. It will be suicidal decision like the 2014 general election if they would not take part, he added.

He said “Everyone has the right to criticize the works of the government. But, we expect the criticism to be constructive so that the state doesn’t suffer.”

He said the government is working from the first day of its office for the overall welfare of journalists, including housing for newsmen.

Expressing his gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Hasan said, “Actually I’m an activist of the grassroots level. Later, my leader Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the responsibility of party’s spokesperson as well the secretary of publicity.”

Now, she (prime minister) gave me the responsibility of the information ministry, he said, adding, “I want to express my gratitude as she gave such an important responsibility of the information ministry.”

The minister said life is full of challenges. “Nobody will become successful without taking risks. I have been also facing many challenges from my childhood. Shibir targeted me to kill many times, but I survived surprisingly,” he added.

About helmet-wearing by motor riders, Hasan said every person who runs motorbike should need to wear helmet for their own interest. Now the bike riders are more conscious about this issue, he added.